Our Vision


The Team


To build the most loving and vibrant team of Nutrition Coaches and Online Trainers who put service at the forefront of everything they do and simply just want to help others feel better. Every single one of our coaches #1 mission is to make the world a better place by helping others feel good mentally, physically, and spiritually. You will know this to be true after working with any of our coaches.


The Services


To provide both an experience and a premium service of nutrition and mindset coaching done in either one to one setting, couples, small group or even corporate coaching for larger businesses in the workplace looking to increase overall office productivity and boost morale. Our services brought to the workplace for 4 months can turn an environment upside down - for the better. We look to educate and give our clients both the tools and strategies needed so they can be successful for a lifetime.


The Community


To build and create a safe and sacred space for our clients to connect in and authentically express themselves. A weight loss journey is hard enough as is and can feel extremely lonely at times. Here at MSF we are big on connection, encouragement, celebrating each other’s progress. It’s what makes joining this family so special. We promote on-going personal growth and believe that life is all about growing together with like-minded folks.


The Mission


To impact others and help people create lasting and sustainable change through weight loss coaching. Our goal is to help people collectively lose 1,000,000 lbs - and we are confident we will get there. More importantly than the weight, we want to help our clients break free from negative thought patterns, fixed mindsets and limiting beliefs they have about themselves. At the end of day, we care more about helping our clients develop a strong, healthy and positive mindset. We believe that our thoughts ultimately control our feelings, so we do our best to give clients the tools and strategies on how to better control their thoughts through our mindset coaching.


The Philanthropy


To build a business that is built on giving. Here at MSF we believe that if we are always making sure others are okay, that God will continue to make sure that we are okay. We pay it forward. We choose to bless others and bless charities simply because we can. We are committed to donating 10% of revenue we generate - for life. It’s one of the things that excites us most and fuels our mission. This is not about us. We look forward to the day where we surpass donating $1,000,000. Our desire is to make this world an overall better place.