Meet Michael Scott 

People are my passion. Service is my mission.

I’ve always felt like I was called to serve others and that it was what this life was meant to be about, yet I never knew how or what that looked like. Health and fitness saved me from going down a really bad road at a young age and has taught me incredible life lessons. I’ve dedicated my life to it and it’s shown me time and time again that with enough dedication and a relentless pursuit, you can be anything you want.

Second to that, I’ve always been interested in “becoming”. The art of ‘how to’ become. I believe with my whole heart we all have the power and ability to become anything we want in this world. Hearing stories about individuals’ who have turned their life around from some of the biggest messes is incredibly inspiring to me. They fire me up like nothing else. I love a powerful transformation story; a testimony to God, and I have one of those myself.

Since middle school, I wanted to be a Special Education teacher, so I became one. 

At age 20 I decided I wanted to become a Pro bodybuilder, so I became one

At 21 I decided I wanted to dedicate the rest of my life to coaching & mentoring others. I figured I'd start getting experience by being a baseball coach at the high school I was teaching at. So I became one. 

At 22 I had realized the passion I had discovered for nutrition and weight loss and how to combine my love for teaching with it. It was then I decided I wanted to become a nutrition coach, so I became one.  

By 23, I had personally been responsible for changing a few lives, and I won’t lie to you either, it felt incredible. Not only incredible, but near effortless. I was just able to be me throughout the process and do what I love. Build meaningful relationships, educate others, talk about fitness and nutrition, coach people to be their best, and help individuals find joy in life through helping them to discover their own power. So I created MSF.

At 24, I realized the community I had developed...

  • The relationships that were fostered from strangers coming together on the internet who all shared one common health related goal. (like my clients that I have met online with zero prior connections to who end up flying across the country to support me at my own competitions- those types of relationships)
  • The stories that we’re shared, the vulnerability that was demonstrated, the authenticity from everybody, the support and encouragement that was thrown around, the individual successes that were celebrated as if the entire “team” won.
  • The common burning desire to get better in all areas of life, be mentally fit, and do it in a group-setting so the journey doesn’t have to be done alone.

I decided then that I wanted to dedicate my life to leading this community and really be able to provide a safe space and opportunities for connection to those that are seeking, while also supplying necessary accountability and encouragement that foster success and a “winners” mentality. So I created the MSFamily.

At the end of the day, I love to help others “become”, and that’s what this brand is all about; becoming who you were actually supposed to be while encouraging others alongside you to become who they are supposed to be. The most authentic, loving, free, confident, connected, purposeful, disciplined, healthy, grounded, spiritual, joyous, educated and grateful version of you. 

Ultimately, I believe you MUST be what you CAN be and that is how I choose to live my life. I believe that’s the key to living a great life, being “great” by your own definition while encouraging greatness to occur around you. 

By me doing so, I believe others will potentially be able to experience more joy, love, get clarity on their purpose and existence, better health, more confidence, or meaningful connection that they may not have been able to feel and experience without my presence, effort and simply put→ me being my best. 

Why would I not want to be my best if those are the potential consequences of doing so?

As I always tell my clients who have success when it’s time for them to share their story, “It’s not about us”. It’s about the person out there who may get what they need to finally take the first step in their own journey after simply seeing you, be you to the fullest. 

That’s MSF. We are the spark. 

Be great today and be you. 

In good health, 

- Michael Scott

Precision Nutrition L1

NASM Weight Loss Specialist