It's MORE than weight loss.

We help men and women achieve sustainable weight loss without restrictive, low-calorie fad diets and having to spend hours in a gym

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It's Time to Take Back Your Power. One Bite at a Time.

Meet coach Michael Scott.


Step into the Elite Version of You. Let's Show You What You Are Actually Capable of.

Client Success

Real people. Real results. Real change.


Over 60lbs fat loss and has her eyes on rocking a two piece bathing suit for the first time ever at 40 years old.

“So absolutely crazy how I am a completely different person in more ways than one. Thank you MSF!!”


Setting the example for her beloved daughter, down over 50lbs and and glowing with confidence.

“I’ve still got more to go but I feel excited about it and for the first time in my life I know I am going to do it.”


Over 60lbs down in just 6 months. She raised her family, she put everybody else first FOR YEARS, and she finally decided it was time to put herself first.

“I’ve never felt restricted throughout the process. I eat foods I enjoy, I never feel hungry, and I haven’t stepped foot in a gym once since we’ve started. MSF taught me it’s all about the food.”


An RN working night shifts. She was struggling with consistency and creating a routine that served her. MSF helped her implement structure, lose 14lbs and go down in a few pant sizes.

"I'm sleeping better, I have more energy, and I've never been happier to have to buy new clothes."


Kim came to me saying she had "tried it all". Weight watchers, Jenny Craig- she's been on and off for years. She lost 25lbs in her first 4 months with MSF and loved the process.

"I would not call this a diet. I am always full. I don't think about food. When your hungry, that's all you think about."


We Say "It's More Than Weight Loss" for a Reason. 

Listen to what Jenna has to say about her experience working with MSF. Yeah losing 20+ lbs is cool, but you know what's even cooler?

More confidence, gained ability to persevere, structure and consistency as well as new formed habits. 

While We Love To Serve Women, We've Helped a Few Men Too.


Interested in losing 30lbs without having to step foot in a gym? Sam did it. So can you. 

"What I learned from working with Michael is something I will take with me for the rest of my life. The education he delivers separates him from the rest."


He was ready to take back his power. He rolled up his sleeves, did the work, and lost near 40lbs in his 5 months with MSF.

"It's crazy to see how far I've come. I've looked at the photos 100 times. It's a new me! It inspires me to keep going."


Jack is a beast. 40 years of age with zero excuses. He dropped 15 lbs in three months and was able to overcoming the constant bloating he was facing. 

"MSF makes it simple. It's not overwhelming. Anyone can be successful here."


Jason's work ethic and MSF's guidance go together like peanut butter and jelly. 21lbs of fat loss in 4 months while maintaining all of his lean muscle. The results of smart dieting. 

"Michael helped me create a life long habit and taught me the importance of winning one day at a time and being consistent."


MSF will give you the step by step roadmap to results. If you're willing to do the work, this place is for you and can change your life. Over 25lbs of fat loss while simultaneously building lean muscle.

"MSF truly instilled the belief in me that if someone else can do it, so can I. And I know this applies to so much more than just fitness."

Don't Want to Do it Alone?

Our Couples or Group Coaching may be perfect for you and yours.

We Meet You Where You Are.

Life is a journey - we understand that people are at different parts. Whether you're looking for complete coaching or simply looking for someone to hold you accountable, we meet you where you are. 


Change only happens when we believe we can accomplish anything. We help you adopt the right mindset to break free from limiting beliefs so you can make lasting improvements in your life. 


The fundamental pillar of our weight-loss coaching - we give you the knowledge and tools to help you understand how important proper nutrition is to weight-loss. 


Sometimes we just need some guidance; our coaches will be there every step of the way to ensure you're staying on track and making the progress you've been chasing for so long. 


The MSF curriculum - our no fluff, proven blueprint that will enable you to make healthy choices for you and your lifestyle.

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Lasting Change Only Happens When You Have the Systems to Do So.

Fad diets are called that for a reason - they're a temporary solution to a bigger problem: a lack of good habits, proper knowledge and systems that produce to lasting results. 

How many people do you know that have dieted, lost weight, only to gain it back afterwards and then some?

Perhaps that's even been you.

Maybe you've even tried it all: Keto, Intermittent Fasting, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem etc.

You got some results but then things went back to normal once you stopped "dieting."

When you only look at dieting as a temporary fix, you'll only get temporary results.

Over the last few years we've helped tons of clients achieve sustainable weight loss by facilitating transformational changes in their lifestyles.

We've helped our clients break free from limiting beliefs, thought patterns that lead to negative self-talk and stress, delivered them a proper understanding of nutrition and equipped them with the necessary tools to live the life they've always wanted. 

Our clients aren't fitness models or world-class athletes either - they're normal people just like you and I. 

Before we ever take on a new client, we always ask questions about what they've done in the past to lose weight, and why it didn't work. 

The number one reason people gain the weight back they tried so hard to lose?

It was only a temporary change and it was not sustainable.

Sustainability is everything.

Here at MSF we like to say "it's more than weight loss" for a reason. 

It's a complete lifestyle change based on forming good habits, having a fundamental understanding of nutrition and providing you with a proven system to not only lose weight....

But keep it off for good.

Wouldn't It Be Nice to...

  • Boost your confidence

  • Achieve mental clarity

  • Have energy that lasts all day

  • Get better sleep

  • Finally have a positive relationship with food

  • Be supported and held accountable by a qualified coach who not only has the knowledge, but the experience to back It

  • Receive science-based education, tools, and strategies that you can take with you for life

  • Actually live up to your potential 

  • Build structure and have routines that serve you and help you be your best

  • Live a life that you are PROUD of

We are Here to Tell You That It is All POSSIBLE.

"The biggest thing I've gained from MSF is my happiness"

Hear how Sarah's relationships, confidence, business, and all other areas of her life blossomed when she decided to take the first step in going on her journey.


We Understand Your Problems - We're Here to Help You Solve Them. 

Our team of experienced coaches have worked with and helped both men and women from all walks of life. We understand how difficult it can be to achieve your health goals when you're consumed by anxiety, self-doubt.

 It's even worse when you factor in misinformation spread by social media "trainers" and other people who only care about profits and growing their following.

Not your long-term well-being.  

Our unique style of coaching focuses on developing a strong mindsetunderstanding nutrition and developing a healthy and positive relationship with food. You don't have to restrict or go to extremes to make lasting-change, and we can show you how.

Our coaches and community of members are the missing link to keeping you accountable and making progress towards your goals. 

When you apply all of the above consistently - your strength, confidence and quality of life will skyrocket. 

Most importantly?

You will finally feel in control of your life again.

Mary was an experienced "yo-yo dieter" for years. On and off different programs and diets, it was a never-ending cycle.


She'd have success and then put the weight back on. We understand how frustrating this can be.


We asked her what she would say to someone who is on the fence.


Since you've made it this far, hear what she has to say to you.


"If you are serious and you really want to do this, this will work. I've tried a million other programs."

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What Sets Us Apart?

Our "why."

MSF was founded upon the realization of the pain, shame, and guilt people carry when they are not exercising authority over their own body and health. 

Once we realized we could do something to help solve this problem and make a difference, we had no choice but bring MSF to life. We feel called to this work and to help deliver lasting impact on others through nutrition and mindset coaching.

When you ask Michael Scott himself, he'll tell you about his experience being raised around obesity and how he watched some of the people he loved most, constantly project their own pain onto others. He feels a deep connection to this work and wants people to know they are capable, worthy and cared for.

Regardless of how they may see themselves.

After Finishing Our Program, We've Seen clients:

  • Put down the alcohol for the first time in years
  • Come off depression meds
  • Rave about the return of their relationships and sex lives
  • Ditch the sleep apnea
  • Claim they feel 20 years younger

We are on a mission to deliver experiences like this to anyone seeking more in this life.


"It breaks my heart to see people settle and live a life they are not happy with, in a body that they are not proud of. That is not how we were called to live. All areas of life are crippled through the lack of self-love. I understand how to fix that."       

- Michael Scott


When we first started MSF, we didn't have a lot of clients. We had zero actually. In order to attract new clientele we first worked with friends and family. This not only helped us apply our nutrition knowledge and expertise, but it also helped us gain a deep understanding of why people struggle to lose weight.

And why most people can't keep the weight off that they do lose. 

Our proven system is based off of working with REAL people, understanding THEIR problems and using our methodologies to get them REAL, lasting results. 

We're not going to give you a run of the mill fitness and meal plan - our programs are highly specialized to each individual and we meet you exactly where you're at in life.

Everything we do is based on having a complete understanding of who you are. 

Access to MSF Fitness App

Yes we do have our own app! Communication, check-ins, workouts and so much more can all be found in one central location. Simplicity is the goal, always. Our clients deserve the best and we will continue to find new ways to raise the standard and deliver a seamless experience. 

Personalized Nutrition Plan

Every single person on this planet is unique in their own way. What works for one individual, may not work for someone else. We tailor your nutrition plan specifically for YOU - we take into consideration your lifestyle, dietary restrictions, current environment and goals

1-1 Access to Your Personal Coach

Get direct access to your personal coach through text, email and zoom calls so you can get help whenever questions arise. The more we understand your issues, the better we'll be able to solve them. We genuinely enjoy forming professional relationships with our clients so we can listen, understand and communicate the proper solutions to help you succeed

Curriculum & Education Blueprint

Lasting change can only happen when you have a proper understanding of nutrition and how it relates to your lifestyle choices. We equip you with the knowledge, an entire 16-chapter curriculum built by licensed educator, to help you achieve your ideal body while still enjoying the foods you love. 

Weekly Check Ins

Our coaches will go over your previous week with you to find out what you've been doing well and what you can improve on. This is an essential part of our process to ensure you're staying focused on your goals and doing the right things to achieve them. 

Private Member Community

Get access to our private member community filled with like-minded women from all over the world who are on the same journey as you. Our members are here to support, encourage and motivate you to keep making progress. Share your weekly wins, get tips on what's working for others, find new recipes and build relationships that last a lifetime

It's hard to ask for help. We get it. It takes courage!

Hear what Melissa has to say about her experience with taking that first step in asking for help.


Serving Others is My Passion.


What’s up, I’m Michael Scott!


Nutrition and weight loss are my JAM.


Providing life-changing service to others is what I was born to do.


I’m a Precision Nutrition L1 Certified Nutrition Coach, NASM Weight Loss Specialist, and a Natural Pro Mens Physique competitor. I love educating and coaching others on how to make food their friend so they can accomplish all of their health and wellness goals.


I have a pretty big goal too..


I want to be the last  health coach you'll ever hire.

More About Me

"If I can do it, anybody can do it. No matter what, we've got your back and will be there to support you 100% of the way."


Is This The Right Time for You?

We understand that everyone is at different stages in their life journey.

It's important for us to screen every potential client first, to ensure the timing is right and that we're a good fit to work together. 

We'll go over our processes in-depth and dive deeper into your current situation so we can make a proper assessment of your needs.

Once we determine your needs we can then breakdown our pricing based off the level of service you think you need. Your health is of the utmost importance to us and we want to be sure we set you up for success.

Don't worry; we won't be pitching you and there's no pressure to sign up. 

We simply want to learn more about you and how we can help you make improvements in your life.

At the very least, you'll have made a new connection and know that there are genuine people who want to help you succeed and are cheering for your success.

Don't be stranger; schedule a call with us a below to find out more about our programming. 

The decision is ultimately yours and we respect whatever decision you choose to make!

We look forward to hearing from you,

- Michael Scott

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